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Welcome to the Melanoma Miracles Foundation!  MMF was created to raise awareness in our community, share information about the early detection and prevention of Melanoma and most of all to help fund research to ultimately help find a cure for this devastating disease.  

MMF was created to support all Melanoma Warriors!  Together we want to encourage people of all ages to get a check up.  Knowing your body and knowing your moles could save your life!

Melanoma Miracles encourages you to check with your insurance to see if skin cancer screenings are part of your preventive care benefit.  With many insurances, an annual exam by a dermatologist is covered under your preventive care benefit.

Have you been for a skin cancer screening in the last 12 months?


 We wear BLACK for all the Melanoma Warriors!


         Melanoma Miracles Foundation is registered as a nonprofit corporation with the State of Missouri.

            Melanoma Miracles Foundation
                       (816) 674-4316



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