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Meet Makenzie

Just days before our daughters 15th birthday she was diagnosed with a Malignant Melanoma on her back.  During a routine high school sports physical our physician referred us to a dermatologist for further evaluation.  You might ask, had we seen the mole on her back.........yes for quite some time!  Had it changed in size, shape or color?  Not to our untrained eye.  We all have moles so why would we think one of hers was a Melanoma?  Hind sight, our dermatologist said we would have likely never noticed the changes and had we waited much longer our outcome could have been very different.

With multiple surgical procedures behind us and a watchful eye on nearly 30 more moles that have Melanoma like characteristic.....this disease is far from behind us! 

Our family is no stranger to Cancer.........we pray daily for a cure.  We have to believe the scientist are getting closer every day to a cure.   Research funding is critical.  There is too much cancer in this world.   Just in our family alone:  two Aunts touched with Melanoma, an Aunt touched with Breast Cancer, a Grandmother touched with Breast Cancer, an Uncle passed to Pancreatic Cancer and a Grandmother who lost her battle with Multiple Myeloma.

While walking in the Komen Walk in 2011 our friend Amy suggested we organize a Melanoma Walk.  We had toyed with the idea so just hearing someone say "lets organize a Melanoma Walk" was just the push we needed.  There are so many people who are uninformed about Melanoma.  It's just not a cancer many talk about.  Together our goal is to educate so people know the risk of their choices. 

Cynthia, Makenzie, Kelsie and Amy walking in the Kansas City Komen Walk.

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